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#5 Product of the DayAugust 03, 2017

Shazam meets Giphy. Magically GIF and share whatever you're watching on TV just by listening. Annotate and share your favorite moments with your friends regardless of when you're watching.

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Thanks for hunting us, @erictwillis. We love TV and we made Cooler for people who do, too. The idea for Cooler came about when we realized there’s so much awesome TV and we had no idea who was watching what. Worse, when we did see something great like Breaking Bad and try to discuss it on Facebook, it was a total disaster. So we started Cooler to help us reconnect with our favorite people around our favorite content, even though we’re all watching at different times. We wanted to make chatting about TV super easy and fun, even if we weren’t watching at the same time. So when one of our engineer friends asked “Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just GIF your TV?”, we thought, now that sounds like a cool product. We hope you like (and use!) Cooler. We’ll be around all day to answer any questions (and look forward to hearing your reactions).
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@erictwillis @jasoncmercer Congrats! I tried the early beta and it was a lot of fun. I also realized I'm not nearly as funny as I thought. GIF'ing like a pro is serious business.
@erictwillis @jasoncmercer @andysantamaria Wow, this is absolutely awesome. @jasoncmercer How about doing something together with Guggy?
@erictwillis @jasoncmercer @andysantamaria Thanks for trying the beta! Coming up with something 'funny' to say can certainly be intimidating, especially when our community is full of really witty TV fans. But we also see lots of people using the GIFs to celebrate and share iconic moments of their favorite shows, no humor required. 😎
@erictwillis @andysantamaria @rotemthegolfer Thanks Rotem - we'd love to figure out how to collaborate. We'll ping you directly.
Hi ya’ll! So excited to hear your feedback about Cooler. If it’s your first time, I have a few suggestions for what to test out. 1. Make a GIF from one of dozens of TV shows. Then share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or back here on Product Hunt. 2. Sync mode! Cooler can sync to whatever you’re watching using Shazam-like audio recognition tech. It works with all our shows, but maybe try it with Silicon Valley 4x01 (which you can watch for free on You can make a GIFs in like 2 seconds, or just let the commentary roll in, in time with the show. 3. Search thousands of GIFs to see the creations our community of TV nerds have already created. A couple favorite search terms to try: Monday, Pizza, Product Hunt.
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This is really ... cool! 👌 I regularly share snippets of TV shows I'm watching as stories on Instagram. Cooler is the app I should be using instead :) A couple of things. 1. The Shazam for TV shows is very good. It's more accurate than I thought it'd be. Just curious. How does it work? Does it recognise the dialogs and search through a script or something? 2. Since this is an app tailor-made for TV show gifs, I'd expect it to add dialogs into the GIF. Bonus points if it can add callouts like the GIPHY says app. When I share a specific moment from a show, it's mostly because of the dialogs from the scene. Keep up the good work 👍
@shrihari, Thanks! We appreciate you trying out the app and recognizing the "coolness" (pun entirely intended). 1) The "Shazam for TV shows" feature is a lot of fun, particularly because it's so reliable for the shows we have. The way it works is that when we "ingest" a show, we use our tech to fingerprint the audio for the entire episode for matching purposes. That fingerprint is stored on our servers (along with those for every other episode of every show we support). When you tell the app to sync, we sample audio from whatever you're watching, and match it against all available fingerprints. The identification process usually only takes a couple seconds, and then we use the same tech to stay synced to your show as you continue to watch. 2) Dialog is a great idea, and it's something we're working on because – you're right – it will be valuable/useful. Callouts are an awesome idea that we'll add to our roadmap this morning. And put your name next to it.
The sync and gif creation are very cool (and very addicting!) but the anti-spoiler features are my favorite (since my friends can't be trusted)
@chris_taylor1 I just unblock them all because I love spoilers lol
I think that cooler is an amazing app that I use every day that never fails to make me laugh. The community is cool (bad pun I know) too! We can all make awesome gifs and share them with each other. I would highly recommend this app because I believe this is the next "it" app.
@boog_jones Thanks so much man! We love seeing what you and the community create every day. You're just the best.
@ashleymcatee thanks! Couldn't do it without you guys!