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Rad idea. We've chatted about building Product Hunt TV, a collection of videos of products featured on the site.
@rrhoover another idea for product hunt would be "Ask PH" . Users would pay $1-$5 to ask a question to the PH community. Since the community is very active the rate of replies is likely to be high too.
@KeeranRavee a few others have suggested this as well. I think it's a great idea and some people will dig it but it could distract from our core focus (products). In general, there's a lot we could do with PH but doing the few most important things is most what really matters, and that's the hard part.
I'm just a fan of the name.. haha Awesome idea too, I'm sure there will be a monopoly of Sandwich video's work
many of the best ones are coming from @lonelysandwich i'm sure :)
I may be too sensitive, but that title is not helping the "female alienation" in the tech community
@raulriera Thanks for commenting, Raul. We definitely don't intend to come off as insensitive. The title was meant as a really light-hearted play on "cool story, bro."
@raulriera this was my first thought too. maybe we are both sensitive but I feel like there are a lot of other great names for this that don't imply that your "bro" would be more likely to have a cool startup than your "sis".
Awesome to know that one of our biggest role models, @mcuban, likes it!