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#5 Product of the DayAugust 07, 2015
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Hello! I'm part of the Convox core team and happy to answer any questions. Convox is an app deployment platform that you can install into your own AWS account. It uses ECS, ELB, Kinesis, and many other great AWS services under the hood but automates it all away to give you a deployment experience even easier than Heroku. Convox uses Docker under the hood so if you want to customize anything (distro, dependencies, etc) you can simply add a Dockerfile to your project. Convox is entirely open source. Check it out at To get started with our installer go to: We would love to hear any feedback on the installer or deployment process!
Convox recently got multi-region support. Try `convox install --region ap-northeast-1` to instantly deploy your apps in Tokyo.
h/t to @averyj on this one.. interested to see if anyone else is using them.
@blendahtom This week @opendoorlabs talked about moving their production workers onto Convox.
The Opendoor team talks about a managed infrastructure being set up by you guys, that's a big benefit of Heroku - you create one simple account (no API keys) and you're done. I guess this goes completely against the promise of AWS + Docker + Convox but is that something your considering?
@callumj Thanks for the question! Our goal is to keep Convox free and open-source so we are doing some experiments with managed hosting as an avenue to support the project. If anyone is interested in Convox but doesn't want to run it themselves please reach out to and let's talk.
I gave Convox a go there and what really impressed me was how thoughtful it was of development. A lot of similar projects focus on the production side and forget you still have to run the app locally for dev. Really neat.