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Hey Product Hunt! It has been a really long road to finally get here. I am very happy to launch ConvoLounge today and cannot wait to see what you think about the product. Our goal is to re-invent the old chat rooms, in a new and modern way and really focus on real time conversations. Hope you like it, please check it out and let us know what you think.
@husseinyahfoufi congrats on shipping 👏 i remember when you first told me about this. looks cool
@thebent @husseinyahfoufi thanks Ben! Looking forward to hooking GitPrime back up in a couple months when we are ready. Love what you are doing man.
Congrats on the launch! It would be great to read the conversations before signing up. Clicking on the conversation title before signing up didn't work. Clicked join and it asked for login/register. After registering, I'm stuck at black overlay after clicking Skip twice. Refreshing the page fixed the issue.
@goceli thanks man, not sure what happened there. Going to take a look. (hoping it is not some caching issue)
@goceli I had same issue, thanks or calling it out. i hit refresh on desktop then it was fixed.
@julievaughn @goceli thank you as well, we are looking into this ASAP
@julievaughn @goceli thanks for the heads up one more time, we resolved those issues
I love this! Not sure how I'd be using this today. But, this reminds me of the good old IRC days.