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Conversio is an all-in-one marketing dashboard for Ecommerce stores. The dashboard includes a suite of tools for email marketing and widgets for on-site conversion optimisation. Integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce & Bigcommerce.

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adiiMaker@adii · Founder @Conversio
Hi Everyone! I'm super excited about our relaunch today; just about 2 years after we first launched as Receiptful. As a team, we've grown up a lot in the last 2 years and this rebrand and relaunch represents us, our progress and our future in the best way we know possible. I've also published an article about why we decided to rebrand over here: Feel free to ask me (or anyone on our team) anything!
Richard Lazazzera@richardabls · Founder, A Better Lemonade Stand
@adii Love the direction you're going and the rebrand.
Austin@omicaustin · Founder, Layman Lab
@adii Congrats on the rebrand. New approach looks great!
adiiMaker@adii · Founder @Conversio
Thanks Richard & Austin! :)
Åke Brattberg 🇸🇪Pro@akebrattberg · Founder and
@adii Congrats, looks great!
Spencer Fry@spencerfry · Podia, Founder
How did you come up with the name? Always such a tricky task. 🤔
adiiMaker@adii · Founder @Conversio
@spencerfry Good question. :) We had a brainstorm for names within the team and my only requirement was that we could find a good / affordable .com domain for it (where we don't have to use a prefix or suffix like or Once we had a good couple of ideas, I shortlisted my top 3 picks and then the team voted. Democracy wins around here. We found "Conversio" when looking at Latin translations of Ecommerce-related terms. And then got lucky that the .com was available as a premium domain and didn't cost an absolute arm & leg.
Spencer Fry@spencerfry · Podia, Founder
@adii Rad. Might ask you privately what the other two options were. ;)
adiiMaker@adii · Founder @Conversio
@spencerfry I'll share them publicly. ;) Our other top options were: Receiptful (we did briefly entertain sticking with the name we loved) CartKit Cartful KartRebel Full Basket
Spencer Fry@spencerfry · Podia, Founder
@adii 👍 I prefer what you went with!
adiiMaker@adii · Founder @Conversio
@spencerfry We do as well. :) Conversio was actually a late entry into the shortlist, because the owner of the .com originally wanted ridiculous money for it. Over the space of 5 weeks, we got the price down by 80% though.
Waqas Ali@waqasali · making a shoe that’d fit 👉🏻
Congrats on the rebrand @adii, I love how the product is evolving and growing, hence the new name makes perfect sense. Do you mind sharing how much time the rebrand project took?
adiiMaker@adii · Founder @Conversio
@waqasali Thanks! :) The project as a whole took 3 - 4 months, because it included the release of two major new features (Email Newsletters & Product Reviews). We had earmarked email newsletters (at he beginning of the year) as the feature that will be the tipping point for us to change our name. The marketing dashboard we have available today finally feels like the "all-in-one" dashboard to which we've been working, because email newsletters & product reviews were two pieces of the puzzle that were missing before. We also felt that we couldn't market our email newsletter functionality with the name "Receiptful" anymore, because it was just too confusing.