Conversational Form is an open-source framework from SPACE10 that enables people to turn their content into conversations; whether that is report insights, application flows or something completely different.
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Thanks @ow for hunting us! We built Conversational Form as an open-source framework to turn content into conversations — making it easy for developers and designers to engage with people in a more compelling way. It's been some time since we initially launched Conversational Form to the public, but today marks the release of version 1.0, which is much more stable, and with many more cool features. Happy to answer any questions you may have!
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@daniel_friis great tool and definelty it will be a pioneer into history of migrating to conversational forms. i am using it for one of my side project but looks like it is not responsive does not adjust the view on mobile phone....i am not the expert in css and design :)
Congrats with the lunch!! It looks really smooth - can't wait to give it a try. Question variations and conditional flows were the last missing features to enable even more personalized conversations.
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This is an awsome product! We, as a lead generation company, are already planning on how to use it to improve our user engagement and convesion rate!
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@stefano_rosso1 Thanks! Let us know how it turns out :)
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Website is down .(
@rau_william Fixed! Thanks for letting us know :)
@rau_william @daniel_friis Seems to be down at the moment?
Awesome product. i would like to integrate an existing application. Can you help me with the integration.
@kayd_yonis1 we are always happy to help. You can ask questions on GitHub and we, or others in the community, will try to give you a good answer. Alternatively your can hire me or another developer to help you with the implementation.