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#4 Product of the WeekNovember 28, 2016

Easily turn any form element on a web page into a conversational form interface. It features conversational replacement of all input elements, reusable variables from previous questions and complete customization and control over the styling.

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  • Ganesh BabuArchitect, Designer

    simple integration

    good documentation available


    A WordPress plugin, implementing this in WP can take this to a whole new level.

    Loved it. Works really smooth with voice as well.

    Ganesh Babu has used this product for one day.


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Daniel FriisMaker@daniel_friis · Digital Lead @ SPACE10
Thanks @klngnbrg for hunting us! We built Conversational Form as an open-source framework to turn web forms into conversations — making it easy for developers and designers to engage with users in a more compelling way. Happy to answer any questions you may have!
PA@prestonattebery · Founder + Designer /
@daniel_friis @klngnbrg love this and have been waiting for something like this to be launched. How easy is it to implement my own design? What's the cost?
Daniel FriisMaker@daniel_friis · Digital Lead @ SPACE10
@prestonattebery @klngnbrg - Thanks! Really easy. Just add the script to your site, and you're off. No cost - it's open-source :)
@daniel_friis Just tweeted you. I am definately going to add this tonight. Any suggestions on how to send email to automation/crm or autoresponder? I'm thinking of making a modal pop-up button .
Adam Harms@_lcky · Writer, Designer
@daniel_friis very cool! I feel users might be less apt to give it sensitive information like passwords and credit cards numbers due to the conversional tone, though.
Min Park@mynhpark · Blockchain Marketing (
Awesome idea! Would be great if there were a one-click setup solution for non-techies. (ex: Wordpress plugin)
Daniel FriisMaker@daniel_friis · Digital Lead @ SPACE10
@mynhpark - Great idea! Updated the github with your suggestion
Ish JindalHiring@jindalish · Founder, Tars
@mynhpark this might sound like a self promotion but you can do so using our tool - focused on non-techies. @daniel_friis am a big believer of conversational forms. Great implementation!
Owen Williams@ow · Building re:Charged.
Cool idea guys! Love just how much more appealing it is like this.
Daniel FriisMaker@daniel_friis · Digital Lead @ SPACE10
Thanks @ow ! Yeah, it's way more engaging I think :)
Steve RAFFNER@steveraffner · Senior Innovation Consultant
Finally a free alternative to Typeform ! Congrats !
Daniel FriisMaker@daniel_friis · Digital Lead @ SPACE10
@steveraffner thanks! We're huge fans of Typeform, so thanks for the comparison :)
Steve RAFFNER@steveraffner · Senior Innovation Consultant
@daniel_friis ahah me too - but I am also a HUGER fan of brillant open sources solutions ;)
Leeyen Rogers@leeyenrogers · VP of Marketing, JotForm
@steveraffner Check out JotForm
Bent Stamnes@gloom303 · Real-time Graphics Enthusiast
Cool idea, but: in your demo, I can't say "No" to the email question. The question asked is "If you want, then give me your email", and I can't _not_ put in a properly formatted email, and the bot answers with "Your input is not correct.." I don't want a bot to ever tell me "Your input is not correct.." -- ever. :)
Daniel FriisMaker@daniel_friis · Digital Lead @ SPACE10
@gloom303 - great point! Thanks. We'll definitely update the robot answers to be more 'human' :)
Ish JindalHiring@jindalish · Founder, Tars
@daniel_friis @gloom303 you can have a "Skip" option in here just like optional questions in a form.