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Through Contfeed, you can aggregate social content posted by your fans or users and display them live on any screen size or website within seconds. And also, helps you automating the interaction & further management of the aggregated social content.
Thank you Neeraj for the hunt. At Contfeed, our mission is to help businesses & events use social content for Sales, Marketing, Engagement & Feedback/complaint Tracking. We have many features, Including: 1) Auto scroll, 2) Content Promotion (Incase you want to promote sponsors posts). 3) realtime updates. 4) Custom posts (Incase you want to create advertisement) 5) Customize every thing in your feed. 6) Analyze the traffic & engagement. 7) Set auto reply and save time. Feel free to give it a try guys. :)
@toshendrasharma All the best! :)
@toshendrasharma Hi Toshendra! How does your auto-moderation work and how customizable its rules are?
@igorakulov We have list of keywords (Moderation lists) which will be mapped to your channels. And If fetched social content contains any of those keywords, it will be marked private and will not be available in live feed. You can create as many lists as you want and map any number of moderation lists to any number of channels or vice versa. You can also edit the list any time. Let me know if this makes sense to you.
@toshendrasharma Yeah, thanks. I've been looking for a tool for my rather specific needs - fetch Instagram posts with a certain keyword in comments or certain number of likes. As I understood, you don't allow that, sadly 😟 otherwise interesting product and audience that you target - saw a lot of emphasis on expos and events! Haven't seen any similar product aiming for that niche.
@igorakulov Thanks. I will definitely put this kind of requirements as a potential feature on Contfeed. Let me know if you have any other feedback or suggestion.
Wow! What a name