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#3 Product of the DayMarch 30, 2019
Note taking app with a focus on connecting your text notes notes into a Wiki-style web of knowledge. Features Markdown autoformatting, instant note linking and beautiful mindmap visualizations.
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5 Reviews5.0/5
I spent 3 hours with this app yesterday and am excited to get back to it today. Will definitely pay when the paid version comes out. Some initial requests - 1. App version. It is a pain to have to continuously log into a web version. 2. I am an IPhone user and the menus at the top take up about 35 percent of the screen. I predict that this will be a game changer and a lot of copycats will be right around the corner. Anybody who studies Tiago Forte (Second Brain) or anybody participating in the Zeittel revolution is a potential customer.

great for keeping notes and to be able to travel through them visually, especially if you like to use markdown.


nice and simple to use



Great product @niekdw Would love to give this a spin and replace Simplenote as my defacto note taking client, but afraid of the switching time involved to recreate all the notes in Connected. Love the following features: 1. Note linking 2. Mindmap visualization
@kavirkaycee Thanks for that, Kavir. The ability to import from other apps is definitely something we're going to focus on in the short term. Shouldn't be that hard :)
very nice @niekdw the visual element to this is great, and i LOVE markdown, so this is a very useful app for someone like me.
@jwelch Really appreciate the feedback, James!
Contexted site says 'we would love your feedback' but the feedback button -- if it is a button -- doesn't work
@stoweboyd Thanks for that, Stowe. We'll have that fixed ASAP.