Data-driven content suite to grow your social accounts 📈

ContentStudio is the easiest way to boost your presence on social media by tapping into the trends and sharing engaging content with your audience.

It is a complete social media marketing suite with discovery, planner, insights, scheduler and automation tools to save your time and increase productivity in your content marketing efforts.

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22 Reviews4.5/5

Great responsive devs, really fast to pickup, explore and use. Use it for managing your own and clients socials - research, post, automation.... It rocks!


Replaces several tools for starters!


Improved by using (free) !

Hi there! I’m Waqar Azeem, the co-founder of ContentStudio. Thank you so much, @kwdinc, for hunting us. ContentStudio lets you easily discover and monitor fresh content relevant to your industry along with powerful insights and real-time engagement tracking. It makes content curation so much easier and effective with automated author tagging, hashtag suggestions, optimal posting times and post customization for different social media networks. It is not only a discovery tool but a complete social media management platform with team collaboration, workflow features, editorial calendar and powerful integrations. With ContentStudio, you can: - Create topic feeds with your own keywords and domains - Discover content from Web, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Dailymotion and other networks. - Get trending news and popular quotes to share - Publish/Schedule to multiple social media networks and blogging platforms with all the intuitive features. - Get content from multiple regions and languages - View Twitter influencers who recently shared articles around your topic - Get domain and Facebook page insights - Use editorial calendar for better planning of your content distribution - Add your own sources (RSS feeds and Facebook pages) - Save or fetch content from your Pocket account. - Drag and drop composer for blog curation with relevant content suggestions - Automation recipes for hands-free but intelligent content posting to your channels with smart rules and filters - Replug integration to add call-to-actions, opt-in form or retargeting pixels to your shared links I’ll be around to answer any questions you might have. You can reach us via email at or talk to us via live chat on our website. Thanks a lot for supporting us, we look forward to your comments and feedback.
Looks amazing guys! Seems like an awesome tool with a great free plan
@tomer_aharon Thanks Tomer, would love to see you onboard :)
I see you have "Analytics" feature coming soon. What's the plan with that? :)
@shadihalloun Analytics will allow you to monitor performance across all of your social media networks with actionable dashboards and reports. You will be able to see meaningful stats on when, how and what type of content is performing best for you. Detailed reports on your social media performance for your clients, team or higher officials will be possible in a few clicks.
I am using this tool for last few months and have no doubt in saying that it's one of the most complete content marketing suite available in the market. The content discovery module is powerful and can be used as an alternative to Buzzsumo. Content can be discovered based on regions and languages. Then there is social media scheduling and automation tool with support for all major social media networks. I highly recommend this tool to anyone looking for content discovery and social media management. Cheers to the makers and hunter.
@niteshmanav Thanks Nitesh, your feedback has always helped us :)