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Offer your articles to a network of media/blogs ✍️


Increase your brand awareness as well as your search rankings with quality media placement. Contento gives you direct access to publishers.

Offer your articles to top media/blogs to leverage their audience and garner valuable backlinks.

Designed for content marketers, PR agencies, and digital marketing agencies.

Would you recommend this product?
Publisher, DJ

We are publishers, so we get content opportunities from brands through Contento. Quality of brand and article is really good.

We don't need to communicate with the brand. Just, accept, publish, get paid. easy!


Quality of articles. Great UI.


Want more articles. Bigger spend.

I've signed up as a brand and a publisher. It's an easy way to monetise our blog, share our content with a wider audience and build valuable backlinks.


It's a simple, cost effective way to share content through relevant publishers. Provides a useful structure for creating good content.


None so far.

PM & Entrepreneur

You made our list of the most exciting product of Product Hunt this fall http://bionic-app.com/2018/01/26...

Would love to set up a time to demo it with you so I can talk to our audience of of startups posting user generated content!


You are empowering the makers and product people of the world to focus on what they do best!


None come to mind.