Offer your articles to a network of media/blogs ✍️

Increase your brand awareness as well as your search rankings with quality media placement. Contento gives you direct access to publishers.

Offer your articles to top media/blogs to leverage their audience and garner valuable backlinks.

Designed for content marketers, PR agencies, and digital marketing agencies.

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We use this at Remix Magazine. Easy additional rev and content for our blog. Quality is good 👍
Great team behind it and worth checking out if you're doing content marketing.
Ok, this looks pretty cool. I might try it out, but I would really like to know the real ROI on some of the publications. Do you have a few examples, like how many hits does an article get on certain publications? What about statistics? When I publish on Medium - for example - I like to check how the article is doing, reads, visits, followers etc.
@owenfar1 I'm currently working with a couple of case studies. We also have a tracking code that publishers install into the page, so we can track the impressions. There are two main reasons to guest post. 1. Leveraging an audience for brand awareness and referral traffic. 2. Increasing search rankings with quality backlinks. We have seen a huge growth in organic traffic since we started guest posting. But yes, case studies on the way. Thanks for the feedback 😄
Useful website, when doing content marketing from scratch! Kudos!😊
This is a great idea! The UI look slick, easy to use. But how would you convince writer to write first before there is a chance they can get paid? Also the writers pool have to be maintained to reach to a certain quality, because when media/blogs owner got bunch of junks they will leave the platform, just my 2cents 😉
@voon_ming_hann Hi Ming, We are coming at this from a "Sponsored Content" angle. So it's the brand who creates an article, offers it to publishers, and pays for the publishers to post it. We also have a manual review process in place to ensure that only quality brands signup and quality articles are going through. Thanks for the feedback 😃
@ircarl Just curious how do you guys plan to promote this? paid advertising? Because a platform require cash to burn because you'll have chicken and egg problem..
@voon_ming_hann It's not a classic two-sided marketplace. We already have enough publishers on to service any brand. There is also an existing market of content marketers that this resonates with. So it's not too hard to reach them. However, we do aim for this to be a standard tool for any marketing agency or marketing team. That will just take time.