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#5 Product of the DayMay 31, 2018

ContentFly lets you get high-quality writing, on-demand for your business, for a flat fee of $250/month. After signing up, you'll be assigned a writer (or writer(s)) that fits your industry and your brand voice. You can request articles, revisions, etc. whenever you want from your dashboard.


  • Zachary ReeseSenior Designer, UPenn

    I guess this is really cheap


    Devalues writing and the content creation process

    Paying a subscription fee for writing is a terrible idea. How much are the actual writers possibly making off of this? A 250/mo per customer, it's not enough.

    Zachary Reese has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Great quality of articles, fast delivery, very good communication with the Contentfly team


    Everything's been great so far! I absolutely love this product

    I ordered 2 articles about merit-based recruiting. Both 2000 words, SEO-based, very good quality, fits the tone of our business blog, and were delivered on time.

    Melissa Sepp has used this product for one month.


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Nick Vivion@worldli · Director of Content,
As a writer, this is depressing. As a reader, this is depressing. For SEO-driven content, perhaps this works. But readers of company blogs deserve better quality content than $250 could possibly deliver! I'm working on an antidote to this, full disclosure. I believe journalists, and writers with an editorial eye, should be paid more to deliver content that resonates with readers and makes company blogs better!
Keith Brink@keithbrink · Lead Partner, Rinuu
I would add some basic newsletter/pre-purchase sign-up; I want to stay in the loop about this so I can use it in the future, but I don't see a way to get on a mailing list. Also no social media links are active on your footer.
NaeemMaker@heynaeem · Founder @ ContentFly
@keithbrink Thanks for the feedback Keith. Will address it this week. :)
Emilie Syverson@emiliesyverson
As someone who has worked as a writer with this company, I'd like to dispel a couple concerns that seem common. The subscription price does look low. But, they pay okay. At $0.05/word, it's not catastrophically low by any means. Most importantly, of the places I've worked for at that rate -- which is a bit less than what I charge my private clients -- the expectations are completely reasonable and in line with the price. As a writer, this is important. I've worked other places with that sort of rate, including for a big name blog you definitely know of if you follow digital marketing news. (A big influencer's blog.) That paid the same, and while it looked okay on the surface, the image sourcing and other concerns made it not worth the money. It's a time and effort concern. Custom screenshots custom edited in photoshop, tons of original research, multiple rounds of revisions... there's nothing wrong with $0.05 in and of itself. It all comes down to other factors, and Contentfly is a very good balance. I was skeptical going in, but I'd recommend them both to other writers (depending on experience, skill level, etc), and to companies that need straightforward blog content. This is one of the most reasonable places I've worked for at this price point. I cannot stress that enough. I've worked for numerous content agencies at different price points, and there's a lot of variance at play that goes beyond just the per-word rate in isolation. To be fair, if you need something very detailed and niche specific, that really requires distinct expertise -- thing specific subniches of finance, some kinds of technical writing, programming tutorials where you need someone who can actually code in that language -- this might not be the right solution for you. But for a lot of smaller companies that need to start producing content and getting themselves out there as a voice in their field, I definitely recommend Contentfly over just about any other agency I've worked for. They definitely have made my list of "content agencies I'd actually recommend to people." Not all companies I've worked for are worth recommending. There's one I'd actively say NOT to work with. So yeah, as far as content goes at this price point -- as long as you know what you can expect for the price -- Contenfly leads the pack, for sure.
NaeemMaker@heynaeem · Founder @ ContentFly
Hi everyone. First off, thanks to @nikkielizdemere for supporting our launch! ContentFly is a service that gets you on-demand writing for your business, whenever you want, for a flat monthly fee of $250. No more worrying about finding freelancers, negotiating prices, managing revisions, etc. - we handle that all for you. Just ask for what you want and it'll be done & delivered to you in a timely fashion. You're probably wondering: WHAT'S THE CATCH? Well, there isn't really - I guess the one caveat is you can only have one job being worked on at a time (your writer is only human, after all!). In general, you can expect around 4000-5000 words per month - which is extremely affordable for the high quality of writing you get (the market value of that would be close to $1000). If you want more words, you can pay a small fee to expedite articles. Our writers are professionals who normally charge 15-25 cents per word to their clients - they offer us massive discounts to be part of our exclusive network and get access to reliable work. We pass that discount onto you. We offer a 14-day risk-free, money back guarantee - if you don't like our quality, you get your money back.
Dainis Kanopa@dainiskanopa · Helping to launch
@heynaeem I think you need to revise the text you promote on your website. Because in one place you state something like "unlimited" and here you explain actually the offer is a limited text. This moment is very important for your business and me as potential customer. Because 4000 words for $250 for SEO articles is not a cheap offer.
Csaba Kissi@csaba_kissi · Serial maker
@heynaeem @dainiskanopa Yes, thats right, I was able to get 500 words articles for about $10 each and the quality was really good (most of them needed research). So about $30/500 words doesn't seem to be a good deal for me if you want to compete with eg. Fiverr
Manuel Frigerio@mnlfrgr · Maker of @maitre_app
@heynaeem @dainiskanopa @csaba_kissi Can I ask you where you got a 500 words articles for $10? Would like to give it a go :)
NaeemMaker@heynaeem · Founder @ ContentFly
@dainiskanopa @csaba_kissi Thanks for the feedback guys! With all due respect, you won't find very high-quality writing from native English speakers at those rates - at least, not in a scalable way. If you want extremely high quality, vetted content with research & due diligence, written by native speakers with flawless English (that scales!), you won't find it anywhere else at our price (of roughly 5.5c per word). The other thing I should mention is, with ContentFly you don't have to do any kind of freelancer management - we do all the work of finding the perfect writers to pair with your business, managing that relationship, etc. so you can easily navigate the waters. Most of our customers save hours every week just on this alone - especially those in very niche, b2b industries. Please let me know if I can clarify further. :-) (Apologies for the confusing text on the website - we're sorting out a caching issue that's showing old text!)
Shreyaa Ratra@shreyaa_ratra · Making B2B sales easy via
@heynaeem This looks really good. Getting good content at click of a button without going into the hassle of identifying right content writer. Just a random thought : Try reaching out to companies hiring for content writer because if they are hiring for content writer, they will be willing to use your service. Also target recently funded companies because they are the ones who are going to do content marketing next and would love to use your platform instead of hiring one.
Garg Ankit@graciousgarg · Silicon-Meat Interface Engineer
Do you have an in-house team of writers? Asking because I couldn't find a writer signup option.
NaeemMaker@heynaeem · Founder @ ContentFly
@graciousgarg Hey Garg! Please shoot over samples to if you're interested in writing. :)
Saif Al Falah@saifalfalah · JavaScript Developer
@graciousgarg @contentfly @heynaeem What kind of samples should I submit?
NaeemMaker@heynaeem · Founder @ ContentFly
@graciousgarg @contentfly @saifalfalah Anything you feel that's representative - most of our customers use our services for blogs/blog style writing.