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#5 Product of the DayMay 31, 2018

ContentFly lets you get high-quality writing, on-demand for your business, for a flat fee of $250/month. After signing up, you'll be assigned a writer (or writer(s)) that fits your industry and your brand voice. You can request articles, revisions, etc. whenever you want from your dashboard.


  • Pros: 

    Great quality of articles, fast delivery, very good communication with the Contentfly team


    Everything's been great so far! I absolutely love this product

    I ordered 2 articles about merit-based recruiting. Both 2000 words, SEO-based, very good quality, fits the tone of our business blog, and were delivered on time.

    Melissa Sepp has used this product for one month.
  • Zachary ReeseSenior Designer, UPenn

    I guess this is really cheap


    Devalues writing and the content creation process

    Paying a subscription fee for writing is a terrible idea. How much are the actual writers possibly making off of this? A 250/mo per customer, it's not enough.

    Zachary Reese has never used this product.


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Nick Vivion@worldli · Director of Content,
As a writer, this is depressing. As a reader, this is depressing. For SEO-driven content, perhaps this works. But readers of company blogs deserve better quality content than $250 could possibly deliver! I'm working on an antidote to this, full disclosure. I believe journalists, and writers with an editorial eye, should be paid more to deliver content that resonates with readers and makes company blogs better!
Keith Brink@keithbrink · Lead Partner, Rinuu
I would add some basic newsletter/pre-purchase sign-up; I want to stay in the loop about this so I can use it in the future, but I don't see a way to get on a mailing list. Also no social media links are active on your footer.
@keithbrink Thanks for the feedback Keith. Will address it this week. :)
Garg Ankit@graciousgarg · Silicon-Meat Interface Engineer
Do you have an in-house team of writers? Asking because I couldn't find a writer signup option.
@graciousgarg Hey Garg! Please shoot over samples to if you're interested in writing. :)
Saif Al Falah@saifalfalah · JavaScript Developer
@graciousgarg @contentfly @heynaeem What kind of samples should I submit?
@graciousgarg @contentfly @saifalfalah Anything you feel that's representative - most of our customers use our services for blogs/blog style writing.
Hans Desjarlais@ismaelyws · Indie hacker & maker of
Nice! Yes! I would definitely use this. Nice UI, nice offer, to the point, no BS. I'll be a customer.
@ismaelyws Thanks so much Hans - let me know if I can help with anything!
Henry Foster@fosterhank · Digital marketer, Growth Driven
Wow, I plan on testing this out in the future. Vetting and managing VAs takes forever. Having an on demand network for $250 with no legwork on my part sounds pretty good.
@fosterhank Thanks Henry - don't hesitate to reach out if I can help with anything. :)