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Nicolas Le Roux
@nico_lrx · Growth marketer, blogger
Hi PH! Companies with a content team struggle to keep all content producers write with the same tone and style. I created this web app in order to help them create a content style guide describing how to write at your company. With a content style guide, everyone knows what's the "writing culture" of the company and you can quickly onboard new team members. … See more
Vinish Garg
@vingar · Co-founder @In23Hours @ContentHug
I ran into an issue. After sign up, I am at: http://www.contentstyle.co/guide.... As I click on Create Guide, I see a broken page (cannot share the screenshot here). When I click on *My Guide* (because I am logged in), I see page error at: http://www.contentstyle.co/guide...