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🔥🔥 @hnshah! More marketers need to treat content like science, rather than spitting out the first thing that comes to mind. Fav quote: "That’s because while social shares are ephemeral, backlinks are forever."
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@zhu_mink @hnshah Definitely agree. Scaling your content strategy needs to be approached with the same amount of consideration as scaling a company.
@chanamuu @zhu_mink @hnshah Agreed, but oftentimes data fogs creativity. Leave room to roam beyond what the data tells you. Your 'scaling startup' needs it.
@hnshah This looks great :) But the email I get back is "Weekly Subscription Confirmation", no sign of the ebook yet?
@j_greig @hnshah I didn't get an email yet, signed up 30mins ago. Looking forward to reading it though :)
Good Read!
@hnshah always brings it with his insights, common sense guidance and advice that really hits home.
@hnshah is my absolute content marketing idol. First Round Review has learned so much from him, and I take every chance I get to benefit from his wisdom. So excited to read this.