Meet StoryChief. Your content marketing solution that helps you manage your e-commerce blog / newsletters / social media posts / content hubs and more, all in ONE place.
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Meow-meow there 😽 Shopify is a top-notch tool, but content marketing and blogging features are a bit limited. That's why here at StoryChief we've created a native integration to support you e-commerce owners and marketers out there running on the Shopify store. Your stories may be great, but it's a pity if they can't be found by a larger audience or search engines. That's why we have integrated an SEO tool right within our editor. Increase your ranking in Google and improve the readability of your stories by applying real-time tips without any technical knowledge. Once your story is ready, you can publish it to multiple platforms with a single click. It can save up to 4 hours per article! WE WOULD LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK! Some of our cooler features (we think you'll love them all) are: 🀝 Approval & collaboration flow for articles ❀️ Collaborate on content without giving access to your Shopify store πŸ‘₯ Trigger ambassadors/co-workers to re-share content πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Integrate content from your favorite tools right inside the editor πŸš€ Plan content in the Content Calendar πŸ“ˆ Measure the ROI of your efforts Sign up for a free test account and send us your thoughts, both good and bad. We are here to answer your questions all day long.
Great alternative to Yoast for Shopify πŸ™Œ Looking forward to testing the integration!
@lachlankirkwood Thanks, let us know what you think.