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Generate article ideas that will grow your traffic

Genie uses AI + real humans to come up with article ideas you should write about to get traffic. Genie does keyword research to find good keywords to target, then figures out the kinds of articles that have been getting high engagement for those keywords in the past year.

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Hey guys! We're the team at ContentFly ( and we're super excited to roll out something we've been testing among our customers for a while. Big shoutout for Nichole for supporting our launch. :-) The main question we hear from our customers all the time is: What do I write about? Topic planning is a challenge even for seasoned marketers. Going through the keyword research, engagement research & topic formulation process week after week is at best a regular annoyance, or (more likely) at worst a regular challenge. After losing many customers who simply didn't know what to get us to write for them, we solved it. Content Genie is the world's first true content ideation tool. The combination of AI + real humans does keyword research to determine high-potential keywords to target, discovers topics around those keywords that have been getting a lot of engagement over the past year, and use them to formulate topic ideas. It follows the famous Skyscraper Method. Want to see samples? Our entire blog is scheduled by Genie: Very excited for you guys to try it out. It's only $1 per topic during Beta. (P.S. And yes, we know, credit card on signup isn't ideal - it just had to be done to simplify the UI. Rest assured, you're not charged anything until you start requesting topics.)
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Content Genie was created by the ContentFly ( team in response to the most common question asked by most of their customers: "What do I write about?"
I gotta ask. Illustrations on both ContentFly and Content Genie are great. Which firm did you engage for those?
@samuelfaith Thanks Samuel :) No agency, just Creative Market, Sketch & some elbow grease.
Great job !! 😊Flexible pricing here !! Will check it out soon