Magically get your address book up-to-date and accurate

ContactRescue magically turns your email archives into a complete and up-to-date address book or CRM.

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Hi Product Hunt community! We just launched ContactRescue (part of the Evercontact and Senders family) as a standalone product and would love to hear any and all feedback. ContactRescue magically turns your email archives (up to 5 years back) into a complete and up-to-date address book. It’s used by busy professionals—ranging from start-up CEOs to Sales to HR—who need to instantly get their contact list current and accurate. Never added those event attendees to your address book? Didn’t update Sarah’s new direct line? Paul got a new title? ContactRescue will get your address book in tip-top shape. Code PH20 gets you 20% off, if you are up to try it out. Thanks!
@bcoulnh Why do I have to give my email address to learn more? Is it so you can tell me if it's compatible? If you need it you should explain, even as a footnote what it will be used for.
@andrewjb44 Hi Andrew, current homepage is designed to grab an email for those who are casually interested (learn more) so we can tell them a bit more. For those who are ready, they can purchase directly. Small link below the email form. Likely we should make bigger! :)
@bcoulnh Not trying to be a pain here, but your explanation makes sense , but the page doesn't. You are really saying on the button "email me more info" Not "learn more." Learn more is traditionally reserved for allowing the user to navigate via a link to find out more information.
@andrewjb44 The beauty of being on Product Hunt is feedback. Super appreciate it!
@bcoulnh @andrewjb44 You got a valid point. We need to clarify. Thank you.
Omg must have this. Such a need for something like this. How is the mobile integration, specifically iPhone?!
@hilzfuld Device neutral. You'll also get a CSV allowing you to take your contacts with you wherever you go. Please note it works for gmail and Outlook + Office 365.
@bcoulnh ok checking it out now, thanks. You had me at @florianseroussi.
@bcoulnh @hilzfuld Thank you Hillel :-)
I love when a product I use and love makes it to the front page of Product Hunt.
Very interested in trying this. My Google and iCloud contacts are a mess. Although I'm a little nervous this might break or accidentally delete legitimate contacts. Is there a way to reverse or review changes before they're made, @bcoulnh / @florianseroussi?
@rrhoover Hi Ryan, Great question! We don’t currently allow a review (good to consider though), but we do provide the CSV file for you to see the work ContactRescue has done. We never delete contacts or contact info, we add new contacts and new info. We’d love to chat more ( is ready for ya!)
Very useful product, a must have!!