Consumed with Scott Porch

Interviews with digital content creators

A weekly podcast about new digital content — TV shows, movies, podcasts, books, apps, digital video — and the people behind it.

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Scott Porch
Scott PorchMaker@scottporch
Producer Andrew Steven and I created 'Consumed with Scott Porch' as a platform for surfacing new content — TV shows, movies, podcasts, books, apps, digital video — through interviews with the people behind it. It's an interview show like 'Fresh Air' or 'The Frame,' but we're putting three significant spins on the form to reflect the way original content is produced and consumed today. First, the volume of original content has overwhelmed the critical model (covering everything), and the influencer model (covering stuff we like) gives us an opportunity to stamp our point of view — we're more interested in half-hour comedy than hour-long drama, more interested in nonfiction than novels, etc. — in the selection of content we feature. Second, we're talking to the creators. There are a lot of commentary-oriented culture podcasts where critics drone on about why they do or don't like something, and those shows are essentially audio versions of reviews. We're producing a more valuable experience for listeners by providing insight from the people who actually create the stuff. Finally, we're flattening the traditional silos of podcasts about TV shows, podcasts about movies, podcasts about books, etc. We're treating listeners' devices — phones, tablets and connected TVs — as the unit of measure. We're interested in a lot of different types of digital entertainment, and listeners are too.