Conquering Client Conflict

A course for freelancers on how to handle conflicts

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I'm pretty excited to see my course on PH! I know that landing page doesn't look like much, but it's backed up by 10 solid lessons for freelancers. So, the gist of this course is that freelancers have several very common modes of conflict with our clients. We may not *think* of it as conflict at the time, but it is. For example: "Why won't my client answer my e-mails?" 'Why won't my clients pay me on time?" "Why does my client constantly argue about art direction?" "Why do my clients try to get me to work for free?" And so on. In the course, we spend the first 5 lessons talking about: - The root sources of these sort of conflicts - Identifying a way to resolve or avoid them - 3 basic steps to resolve these conflicts We spend the final 5 lessons addressing specific client scenarios that I've given colorful names tor: - Serena Schedule-Jumper (clients who abruptly change deadlines) - Donny Document-Dodger (clients who try to avoid signing contracts or documenting changes &decisions) - Scotty Something-for-Nothing (clients who want you to work for free) - Sammy Slowpay (clients who never pay you on time) - Nora Non-Responder (clients who go radio silent when it's time to get approvals/feedback/etc) I realize the names are silly, but a bit of fun & personality injected into the course material makes it enjoyable. That biggest benefit of the course is the perspective shift. A freelancer who reads all the chapters and does all the homework - that's right, there's homework, this is a real course! - will come to view their own role in their freelancing practice, and in these moments of conflict, differently. Students should walk away armed with a new sense of agency, a sense of having choices and a refreshed perspective on how exercising those choices can translate into a better career in the form of more respect, more money, and more peace of mind. Remember when I interviewed @hnshah on the Chasing Product podcast a few weeks ago & we spent 15 minutes talking about how important professional boundaries are for founders & freelancers alike? It's that sort of stuff - that conversation was super-timely, because I was in the middle of writing the course at the time. If you heard that episode of my podcast, you've gotten a taste of what the subject matter of the course is already. So...if anyone has questions about the course, post 'em up & I'll answer them! :)
If you've ever freelanced, I'm confident you've faced payment related conflicts. @chris_hawk has a lot of experience freelancing and wrote a course just for us. Chris, what will subscribers receive? Can you give us some details about this course?
@chris_hawk looks interesting, I will try it out. thanks!