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Hey everyone, cofounder here. I wanted to share a quick note about Connector. I've been doing email outreach for years and have sent over 1 million emails for outbound sales, link building, content promotion, influencer marketing and more. I took everything I learned and put that into https://ContentMarketer.io which launched last year. Over the last year we've learned even more from the thousands of users that have used our product. We took what we learned and made a new email outreach tool called Connector. Our approach is to start with the why (the reason you're doing email outreach in the first place) and provide the proper UX and proven templates to help our users get the best results. @colinmathews & I are looking for feedback and use cases so we can continue to make email outreach even better.
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@sujanpatel @colinmathews great product. I was looking for something like this. Perfect timing for me. I have one quick question: If I give you a link to an article, can I get all the emails from people who commented or twitted about it?
@sujanpatel @colinmathews congrats guys ;) I was wondering if this is working with any email address or only gmail?
@vladstan @sujanpatel Hi! Connector focuses on sending targeted emails, but our Marketer product does do scanning of urls and CSV files to help locate contact information. At the moment it doesn't find who shared/commented on the link you scan, but rather it finds anyone mentioned in that article or post.
@razvan_gavrilas @sujanpatel At the moment just Gmail and Google Apps.
@colinmathews @sujanpatel looking forward to adding any kind of email :)
I've been using Contentmarketer.io for over a month now, and these templates get great response rates. I like adding my own touches, but as a framework these work great. Nicely done both of you @sujanpatel & @colinmathews
I've been using Content Marketer since its inception. Amazing tool, build by a great team.
@amvlad I completely agree - same thing here. Couldn't say anything bad about it.
@wmharris101 @amvlad I say the same thing too. Even though I work for Sujan, I'm critical of what I still vouch for. And this is HUGELY valuable to me.
I've been a huge fan of content marketer since day 1. Already a very solid tool. This feature takes it to another level.
I got to beta test Connector and it's the best tool I've found for promo outreach. I was using Outreach.io before, or hacking together email scripts with Zapier, and this just makes it so much faster and easier. Quickly becoming part of the daily promo routine.