Get contact info on any site. Rapportive in the browser.

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Nikita KorotaevΒ β€” Incubating products @ Glocal Partners
One other UX improvement I see. Since right sidebar is taking quite a lot of real estate, and might appear from random hover over the username, instead:

Show semi-transparent floating thumbnail(photo/shortbio/social) in the top left corner
Hover over a thumbnail, it becomes solid, showing that move info is available
Click, it expands to sidebar(like now)
Click anywhere on the screen to close the sidebar ("X" is too far away)

I would enjoy this less intrusive experience a bit more. At least make it as an option :)
Greg MeyerΒ β€” VP Customer Success at @BrickworkRetail
This looks interesting - takes contact discovery beyond gmail. A bit like Nimble, a bit like Rapportive. Worth a try.
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