Connect.Club is a platform for online networking and virtual video meetings! Meet with friends and colleagues in an informal atmosphere. Gather 50 people for a Burning Man virtual festival! Or invite your community to a coffee shop to discuss startup ideas!
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Chris, thank you for hunting Connect.Club! Hi, Product Hunters, I’m Igor, founder and CEO of Connect.Club. With experience in online communication since 1999. I am co-founder Embria. Together, we have created projects such as PropellerAds, DataLead, Fotostrana, and PlayKot. Today, we are happy to share with you our app, Connect.Club, that allows you to find new contacts, pitch your startup ideas, and experience real networking in a virtual space. In our app, you can create a room and share a link with your circle of contacts for a meeting so that everyone can get to know each other better. The advantage is that you will be in the same virtual room, but the functionality of our application will allow you to talk with someone separately or break into rooms in small groups for video chatting. Everything is the same as in reality! You can fill out your profile and share it with guests of the networking party. Would you like to see how to get into an existing room? To do this, we launched a room specifically for Product Hunt users. We offer you the opportunity to chat and get acquainted there! To do this, follow the link provided in our profile, and then you will immediately get to the right place. We want to create a product where every chance to meet somebody can change our history. Connect.Club is for people who have previously been in various professional communities but want to communicate with each other constantly, not only chatting. The virtual space that we invented is a convenient form representing that process. For us, it is important that people relax, feel confident, and are not afraid to share useful information and get acquainted. Connect.Club also works as a networking application for popular Slack or Telegram communities. We describe the app as a virtual coffee bar where friends and entrepreneurs can catch up, introduce themselves, and find new, interesting startups. We’d appreciate your feedback!
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@igor_monakhov "Or invite your community to a coffee shop to discuss startup ideas!" I was thinking about this the other day. I was like, it would be so cool to do this. And now I see it here on PH. Will definitely have a look
Well done guys! I think Connect is a tiny but valid step towards communicating people in virtual reality. To increase the sense of realism, you can add sounds of the environment on the map; activities depend on the map, etc. And only then 3D. This way is better than, say, Facebook Spaces, which started from the end 😀
@idanial thanks a lot for feedback!
@idanial Danial, thank you so much for your kind words and support! Such a great ideas about sounds and environment atmosphere, totally agree with you!
@gennadiy_bazhukov thank you so much! And yep, we agree with you!
@new_user_1216ef5efa Thanks so much for support and kind words! Our design team will be happy to know about that 😌
Amazing product, have used the Testflight from the early days!
@alexander_nevedovsky thanks, Alexander, our early adopter! We are so happy to hear this words!