Connect by Twitter

A better way to connect with people

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Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
Will be interesting to see if this solves a pain-point for some people. A lot of people will probably agree that this could just be adding more noise
@bentossell The solution to noise on a platform like Twitter is successful curation. Power users dedicate the time & effort to seek out the perfectly curated experience. Connect will bring this advanced user experience to first-timers. I'd be curious to see the avg. number of accounts users are following when they abandon. My guess is it's a very low number. With that said, success here clearly hinges on creating relevancy for the individual.
Drew Meyers
Founder, Geek Estate
@bentossell Agree on the noise aspect of this. All the social media sites w/ ad models follow the same trend it seems: make everything as easy as physically possible. As we all know, the reality is most people won't go through the effort to find the truly relevant people on Twitter or create content on FB. So, Twitter/FB strive to make it easier and easier to create content and find new connections ("likes"/connect)...eventually, most everything becomes worthless noise because it takes zero effort. In the context of connect, "influencers/early adopters" don't want to be spammed by people not willing to put in work to find them and personalize their message (at a minimum). At least that's my gut... anyone with an ad model will say otherwise though since their incentive is to get people to spend more and more time on their platform.
Jóhann Hannesson
Product and sometimes Project Manager
This appears to be one step closer to the key pain points for Twitter users: Moments is only highly impactful if people's feeds aren't already serving that same need. The solution is to improve people's feeds so they can see more relevant content more frequently. The next enhancement I want is to not just follow people, but follow their content stream... show me why I might be interested in seeing their posts in my feed... a bio and contextual info about each user won't tell me whether or not they post interesting content.
I love twitter and love this! Great product.
Kevin MullettDir. of Visibility & SM, MarketSnare
Seems to actually be useful, and something they should have done years ago.