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A simple helper for the deaf to be understood

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400 million of deaf people in the world experience problems in communication on everyday basis. They feel problems whenever they need to address a policeman or a dentist. They feel reluctant to ask questions to a retailer or a seller whenever they want to buy something. Lack of communication results in the lack of participation and the lack of opportunities in the hearing society. Connect by BeWarned is an application that converts text to speech and the other way around. Anyone can download it and use whenever they need it. If you want to talk to a cab driver or a policeman they do not even need to have this program installed as long as you have it on your phone. Moreover, you can also use textual templates or create your own for any everyday situation. The app is absolutely free of charge, it’s fast and reliable! This application is only the first step toward our global goal: to make our society more inclusive for deaf individuals. We want for the deaf to be able to feel comfortable at using all services the contemporary society has.
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@bogomep thank you so much for hunting us! Hey folks! I am hard of hearing since childhood. Because of that, it requires a lot of effort for me to I drop a chat with, for example, a receptionist at a hotel. Whenever I need to say or to ask something a hearing individual quickly, most often I cannot do so. I am one of 400 million deaf people around the globe who share my experience. That’s why I developed Connect by BeWarned in order to help deaf and hard of hearing to communicate with the hearing whenever they need it. Our application: is able to convert text to sound free to download and to use. No hidden fees! is very fast and reliable. has no limit on templates you can create. If you know someone who is deaf or hard of hearing please pass our app along to them. I’d love to answer any questions you may have. Best wishes, Vitaliy & the BW Team
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@bogomep Thank you Bogomil for hunting us! We really appreciate it :)
Why this isn't trending?
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@vishnuvvn good question! We are trying to find it out :)
@vishnuvvn We've trying to contact Product Hunt support but still didn't receive any answer. Hope we will be in trending soon!
It's always great to see such services and products among all the commerce, ads and money-making stuff. You earned this upvote!
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@paul_shuteyev Thank you! It means a lot for us!
@paul_shuteyev thank you, Paul! It is amazing to see that people care about social projects!
I'm proud of being the part of our team guys. I'm sure that together we will change the way of communication between hearing and deaf!
Awesome product! The social impact is just huge. I personally know a few people, which are hard of hearing, so I will definitely recommend the app. Keep up your great and important work!
@sofi_shvets Thank you, Sofi! We hope that the app will change lives of millions deaf and hard of hearing people!
@sofi_shvets thank you for your kind words!