Confluence 2.0

An open and shared team workspace

Atlassian today announced a wreath of new updates to Confluence including a more advanced analytics function and the introduction of a heavily updated editor, including the ability to add emojis to your page now.
Kevin Woblick
  • Kevin Woblick
    Kevin WoblickFormer Maintainer of InvoicePlane

    Clean, professional look. Focus on content.


    Horrible performance and a lot of bugs

    Have been using Confluence for years and version 2 for some time now (part time beta access) and I am not really happy with it. It feels slow, bulky and I experienced a lot of bugs and problems with the editor. Instead of delivering a sleek and performant solution Atlassian seems to like to bloat things with new features and stuff.

    Kevin Woblick has used this product for one month.
Confluence has steadily been taking a place in the saturated market of workplace collab software. Wonder how much closer this new update will bring them to securing some market share