Confetti for Adobe XD

Generate gorgeous confetti patterns in 1 click

Confetti for Adobe XD allows you to create a beautiful confetti pattern using whatever shapes you like

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1 Review5.0/5
Yes! This is honestly my favourite plug-in! Recently, switched from Sketch to XD and I was so sad to leave Confetti and boom you guys do it again! 😻 😻
Say hello to Confetti for Adobe XD! Late this summer we officially kicked off a partnership with Adobe to bring awesome products to the Creative Cloud. Confetti is the first amazing plugin from us that is available for Adobe XD and works great for your daily confetti craving. Although we already created a similar plugin for Sketch, we challenged ourself to improve the plugin for the Adobe XD like more powerful randomizing controls and randomizing colors. You can download Adobe XD for free and try the free plugin too. Can't wait to see your confetti creations!
I love memphis design! So glad its made a comeback recently in webdesign along with pixel art (or what they seem to call "isometric" design nowadays)
这个和 Sketch 的一个插件类似,不过比那个做的完善多呀!很棒!!!
cool plugin 😄