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hey folks, excited to share this labor of love. genesis: in 2017 and 2018 my company ( traveled all over the world to sponsor booth exhibits at 6 conferences, from NYC to Australia, Chicago, Vegas, etc. overall it was a HUGE waste of cash. we got a few customers, sure, but nowhere near enough to cover our costs, much less be "positive" ROI. i began reflecting on that experience in Summer 2018 by tinkering with Conference Shop. since then i've worked with a few awesome startup / marketer / freelancers -- namely @gonsanchezs -- to bring this to life and help other startups avoid making my mistakes. 1. how is this different from other directories? we're focused on helping marketers spend their budgets wisely. not attendees. there are better alternatives (also on PH!) to find conferences to attend. 2. how does it make money? right now it doesn't. labor of love. :) 3. how will it make money? likely featured listings (with clear "sponsored" status) or a Match service, inspired by looking forward to your feedback and questions. we're brand new, literally nobody has seen this until today, and i'm also considering open-sourcing it. thanks for checking it out, hope it helps! Ryan PS, to learn what can go wrong with conference sponsorships, see this:
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@juhaszhenderson thanks Matt πŸ”₯
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Ryan and his team are making it easier for marketers to sort out the complex and sometimes frustrated event market


Great tool


Looking forward to seeing more events

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thanks for the feedback, @edla2000 πŸ™‚Event marketing is indeed frustrating. We are adding new events as fast as we can. We plan to cover Tech, Marketing, Design, and Programming as throughly as possible.
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Quick feedback -- a calendar view could be nice? Also, maybe some big drop-down categories to choose from instead of having to pop into a search field? I searched "HR" and was sad when nothing was returned...then again, HR never has money, so perhaps that was by design! πŸ™ƒ
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@aaron_cohn calendar! i like it, good call Aaron. for categories check this out: will add to navigation right now. we'll also improve fuzzy matching.
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Solid stuff, Ryan & team! Think this will become a lot more powerful once marketers start contributing (good overviews but a little bare right now), wish there were more tools like this out there.
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@trevorsookraj thanks for the support Trevor. about 5 weeks ago we began seeding reviews... 1:1 emails to past event sponsors, then pasting into our admin panel. got 100+ but we definitely need more coverage. we're also finding that a lot of conferences "hold back" their sponsorship information, from pricing to benefits. each day we wait for PDF kits to hit our inbox, then transpose the highlights into sponsor opportunities. tldr UGC will be key!
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