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ConceptDrop uses artificial intelligence to pair you with the perfect creative professional in minutes. Get agency-quality marketing material in as little as 12 hours. No contests, freelancer applications, or exhaustive lists to scroll through.

  • Pros: 

    ConceptDrop handles all the freelancer hiring/logistics and produces high quality presentations at a reasonable price.



    More "enterprise grade" than Upwork or other alternatives. Can handle company style guides and has quality control to ensure consistency across multiple projects/designers.

    Jeff Maters has used this product for one year.
  • Kurt Akers
    Kurt AkersCo-Founder and CEO of Kannatopia

    Speed and Quality


    None so far

    I have had great experiences using them

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Hey everyone! We are here to answer any questions you might have about ConceptDrop. Thanks for taking the time to learn about our product.
Awesome! Thanks to makers and the hunter, I've been looking for that type of tool for a long time. Will definitely use it
@akimovnv Appreciate the kind words. We hope to see you on our platform in the near future!
I use and upwork a lot. Finding qualified candidates can be a pain. I've had some pretty weird experiences on in the craigslist sort of realm. Also, interviewing and reviewing resumes takes time. This platform sounds like it could save me time in those realms. If I submit a project, what's the average turn around time from candidates? Also, how many candidates can I expect to get back to me on an average proposal?
@louis_lapat Hi Louis, thanks for the question. Unlike, or many of the other labor marketplaces, ConceptDrop doesn't require users to choose their freelancer through a contest or exhaustive list of applications. Instead, you fill out a 2 minute form, and within 30 minutes you will get introduced to your freelancer right over email. Our AI and technology will pair you with the freelancer that we believe gives you the best chance to be successful. We accept less than 2% of applicants and can deliver most projects in as little as 24 hours.
Upvoted! I'm going to give this a try! Why did (sold to dribbble) not take off and designinc close? Your biggest challenge will be off platform transactions I think. This is where people use you to find the right talent and then do business off platform without you getting a cut. Still love this idea...I'm a 500 start ups advisor so feel free to hit me up!
@adrian_salamunovic Thanks! Can't speak on behalf of the other platforms, but we do have a cohort of customers that have moved to subscriptions and retainers. Also, the value prop we deliver to freelancers keeps them on-board (higher pay, no competitions, etc.). These are just a few of the ways we mitigate the issue you outlined.
I have used ConceptDrop before and provided me very high quality work in a super speedy time. @philalexander1 has built quite the customer experience as well.