A tollbooth for your inbox. Make money answering emails.

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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I don't like putting a financial/transactional barrier between conversing with someone but I can see this being useful for those that want to contact busy people for specific advice, similar to Clarity.
Ryan GerardMaker@dreadpirateryan · Software Engineer, Square
@rrhoover thanks for the feedback ryan! I thought of Clarity while I was building this. I don't expect this to be a service that appeals to everyone. My original hypothesis is a) people are willing to pay money to contact hard-to-reach individuals, and b) busy people would be more inclined to read unsolicited email if they knew their time was being compensated. This product is my attempt to see if the market supports my assumptions. I'm definitely looking for feedback.
Lance Sells@lancesells · Founder, Thwipster
@dreadpirateryan Really interesting product that makes sense. My only initial feedback without signing up would be: Maybe the headline is "A Paywall For Your Email". "Get Paid To Read Email" seems like a different product to me. Or maybe "Get Paid To Read Your Email" might be better. Also, when you click "Signup Today For Free" it goes to the login page instead of the Sign Up.
Ryan GerardMaker@dreadpirateryan · Software Engineer, Square
@lancesells thanks for the feedback. Yes, I've been struggling with messaging a bit. For the headline, I was looking for something that was worth remembering, but I admit it's a bit exaggerated. Thanks for telling me about the signup/login issue -- I'll fix today!