ComplyAPI from CoinList

An API to manage legal compliance for token sales

ComplyAPI lets any founder run a legally compliant ICO. With full KYC/AML verification for every investor, companies can now launch new blockchain-powered platforms confident that their token sale is legally compliant and secure.

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In the last six months, startups have raised over 2.6 billion dollars with Initial Coin Offerings. New cryptocurrencies and tokens are sold to early believers in the platform who hope to either use the platform or trade the tokens for a profit. ICOs were quickly discovered by regulatory agencies - China recently banned any ICO and the Securities and Exchange Commission is moving towards regulating token sales. CoinList launched earlier this summer to help companies run their token sales legally, with full KYC/AML verification for any investor. Now, CoinList's new ComplyAPI allows any company to run their token sale's backend through CoinList, with full KYC/AML verification for any investor. The future of blockchain is coming. πŸ‘πŸ‘
@nickabouzeid is this a real product or landing page? There is no indication this actually works and there is no documentation.
@ruv This is a real product - Mobius is using it to run their token sale. It's not an open API - you have to apply (by clicking the CTA on the landing page).
@nickabouzeid Any documentation available?
@nickabouzeid @mahendra_rao The documentation is currently private to customers, but feel free to email team@ with details on what you're looking for and we'll be happy to help.
Hi @ruv @nickabouzeid I'm a co-founder of Mobius and yes we were using CoinList - it is a real horribly broken product. Read more here HUGE problems. When our demand exceeded the estimate by 50X CoinList demanded hundreds of thousands of dollars extra or threatened to significantly slow down verifications even further - what they are trying to do is charge a percent of the sale without saying so. Beyond that there were constant server errors/slowdowns and verification problems/delays. Our community had significant trouble with CoinList ComplyAPI and I do not recommend anyone use it.
How does ComplyAPI manage international legal requirements? Most ICOs have investors from all over the world
@joselfgaray Great question! We've started with a focus on US compliance since it's both the most challenging for many companies, and most portable. We always work with our customers to help make sure they meet the requirements in their jurisdiction, and we've been able to address every concern we've seen so far. Feel free to shoot us an email if you have any specific requirements you're worried about.
@paul1 great then, thanks Paul!