UX patterns organized by industry. New industry every week

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 15, 2018 is an open source UX Benchmarks Library. All UX patterns are organized by Industry and a Country. New industry every week. We hope you find it useful

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Looks like a good idea, one comment would be that there aren't mobile views (at least not for the ones I've checked out). I'd consider these really important considering that: - For most industries, a significant part of the journey (even if it's just research) will be carried out on mobile - The content hierarchy and IA layouts often change. Keep up the good work though :)
@jaz_blakeston_petch Hi Jaz. Mobile is super important, I totally agree. We decided to release ASAP, to check if someone needs that:) If it's popular we will do mobile for sure.
Hey everyone! I'm Denis, one of the founders of Together with Nikolay Ivanov, we have decided to share our library of the best website references (on our humble opinion) around the world organized by industry. When you build a website you don’t need just beautiful websites, you need references that solves the same issue as you do. Methodology: We picked The World’s Biggest Public Companies list by Forbes, and weighed the companies websites by the level of UX. The best UX we put on the Competitors.Site list. Hope you enjoy this collection! Let us know if you have any feedback. Thanks a lot for taking the time to check it out. Denis and the team
Great job !! Quite helpful 😊

would love if it was more comprehensive - I don't think all the different UX for financial service companies was pulled.


its a great concept - really useful


at the moment it's not pulling enough content

Nice collection of inspiration! My main issue was when exploring things like, Navigation examples, I can't see a larger image. You click inside and you only get a homepage screenshot. The tiny thumbnail doesn't really showcase the UI features you are showcasing.
@kirstyatx Hi Kirsty! Thanks for a feedback. We have noticed that bug with "Navigation examples" today. Unfortunately, it will take some time to solve it, we will upload separate page for "Navigation". We are super happy that people are using the library. Thanks!