Comper Smarkin

A smart skincare device to analyse and improve your skin

Comper Smarkin is the first and most developed smart skincare tool that will analyze, treat and improve your skin by RF, EMS, MASS and LED technologies

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59 Reviews4.6/5
Any experience with skin affected with pretty intense Eczema?
@lucasg we do not suggest to use Smarkin on disease like Eczema, as wi this disease you can use only the LED technology
Whoa. This looks impressive. Huge opportunity in the beauty influencer market.
@prsarahevans Thanks Sarah, yeah it is the first smart skincare device with multiples combined functions πŸ˜ƒ

i believe this creator provide best quality products from previous campaign, i've got the thermometer and it was beyond expectation.


LED & EMS combination is pretty innovative and effective, smart idea which will save users a lot of money compared with beauty salons prices


wired device is not travel friendly

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