Compass Sign

Geo located digital hub for property sales

The ‘for sale’ sign helps real estate agents generate $75 billion in commissions every year, yet it hasn’t been reinvented in half a century. Compass combined data and design to serve as the real estate sign, reimagined.: “A smartphone in the yard.”

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This is really awesome! What do you use to scan the QR code and where does it take you?
@molchanimal Marcus! Native camera actually pulls up the listing on No need for an app to scan.
@andrew_rutledge @molchanimal Just to clarify here, the QR code is ONLY for taking users without the Compass iOS app to the app store. All signs have the same QR code, they are not unique to the sign. It's just a convenient way to get the app if you don't already have it. There are other technologies in the sign and the app that provide a personalized experience when a user has the Compass app AND is in range of the sign.
It's amazing to see how the future of things comes in so many different forms and shapes. Imagination is everything today, and intuition is really unique in every human soul. Really great product and design. Can't wait to see what else the future brings to life ✌️
Ah this brings back memories to the very first startup I ever worked on. On vacant commercial real estate windows we’d put up big “What do you want here” signs along with a QR code to provide information about the space as well as involve the community in crowdsourcing what kind of store they wanted there. QR was supposed to be THE ubiquitous technology, but it never really took off in a big way. The nice thing though is that many (all?) phones these days have native capabilities to scan QR codes, so QR is still probably underrated. Anyway, the product looks beautiful! How did you guys come up with the design for the sign?
@laxbrownie thanks!! The QR isn't actually used to provide information (other than a link to get the app from the app store). We use a variety of other technologies to provide a unique listing experience when the user is near the sign.
This is not new tech in the real estate world. Maybe the first sign to put a shiny light and modern design. For YEARS people have put qr codes in signs, added “text me” numbers to signs and even beacons. Congrats on rebranding technology that already existed. Also, in many of your markets how do you plan on getting around light pollution laws?
@scott_paskerian agreed, QR codes are not new and it isn't the primary focus of this sign. It's just an additional way to get the Compass iOS app if the user doesn't already have it installed. There are other technologies as you mentioned that allow us to provide a unique listing experience for our users. Each market will have unique challenges and restrictions and we will address those as need for those specific markets.