Company Lookalikes for Chrome

Find competitors, identify prospects, research new markets

Discover Company Lookalikes with a single click in Google Chrome. Find competitors, reveal new prospects, and research new markets by analyzing the text on company websites to uncover others using similar keywords and messaging.
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Company Lookalikes for Chrome is a member of Automata's Market Intelligence suite at Sitting on top of a powerful full-text search engine, we analyze the content on a company website and deliver a set of companies that have keywords and messaging that look the same. Whether you're hunting down prospects that look like your current customers or trying to dig up an investment opportunity in a new market, this tool allows you to search beyond the standard company characteristics like the number of employees and industry classification. Let us know what you think and we are excited to share the rest of our products with you! Feel free to get in touch at andrew[at] or on Twitter @byautomata.