Community Academy is a massive collection of content templates that community professionals can use in their own communities. Brought to you by

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Community professionals are constantly asking each other for examples of content they can use in their own communities. Everything from onboarding flows, discussion starters, feedback requests, event codes of conduct etc. I was really excited to see a platform specifically focused on helping share these kinds of examples and templates all in one place. Going to be super valuable for community builders.
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@davidspinks Thank you for sharing this David and for inspiring us to be better community leaders! We're so excited to see this community project and how so many amazing people joined forces to empower each other and community leaders around the world! ❤️
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@davidspinks great work and thank you for sharing. I've shared with my team and already excited responses. Looking forward to learning and sharing.
Hi Everyone, I'm Sharon, Founder of, we are so excited to launch Community Academy on Product Hunt! @davidspinks thank you so much for hunting us! ❤️ You know how sometimes when we're trying to write a post, a welcome email or even an engaging challenge for our community but just can't seem to put words to paper? While working with tens of thousands of Community Leaders at Mobilize - we've seen some incredible examples of engaging content and thought to ourselves.. how amazing would it be if community leaders would all share their best copy with one another? So we wanted to do something about it.. so we turned to our community to think and solve it together. We've gathered some of the top community leaders, influencers & groups online and offline to join forces and create the Ultimate TEMPLATE Center for community leaders so that we can all tap into each other’s knowledge and learn from each other! 🙏🏼 The Template Center is stage one of a major project called The Community Academy, a result of the incredible community hackathon we've done in April 2018. The main goal of this platform is sharing our knowledge with each other so that we can empower each other to make the change we want to see in the world through our communities. Any template or example that you add will create a meaningful impact with other community leaders from around the world. Now it’s your turn to get involved! Add your examples and templates to the academy, it's super easy! Just a matter of copy paste. Check out the instruction video:
Thanks for checking us out! 😍
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this is great, going to be very useful! i tried to sign up with twitter but it's giving 'error 500'
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@graeme_fulton Glad you liked it Graeme - can't wait to see the content you can share And thanks for the heads up about the tw login - we will look into it now. 💪🏽
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The Mobilize team is always developing new resources to to support community managers.


Great resource for community managers looking for content ideas and templates.


It would have been great to have this resource years ago.

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Such great collection. Can get so many ideas from your platform. Loved the idea.
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@kanikabhutani2 Thank you Kanika! happy to hear you can find inspiration in it - and looking forward also to seeing you content! :)