Common Shortcuts

Simple tool to find and bookmark shortcuts you need

Common Shortcuts is a simple tool for those who use the same software everyday but never remember the shortcut for common tasks.
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Hello Product Hunt! This is my first ever product launch on PH and I'm excited but also with a mix of anxiety. Launching is scary and full of anxiety, but getting a product out of the door is definitely the only way for us to grow! So this is what I made :) Problem: I use the same set of software every day such as Excel, Google Docs, and Acrobats, but I never remember shortcuts to do common tasks I do daily and always found myself googling the same thing over and over again. Solution: A simple repository of shortcuts for software where I can easily find and bookmark shortcuts I need. Features: 1. Repository of shortcuts for 16 software. 2. Keyword-based search for finding shortcuts quickly. 3. Bookmark shortcuts with one click. 4. All data saved locally via HTML5 Local Storage API. No database power Common Shortcuts! If you like this and want to support me, I also made an Electron-based offline version of Common Shortcuts that you can purchase from Gumroad for $1.99! I hope this is useful for you and if you have any feedback please let me know and I'll work on improving the tool. Credit: Shortcuts sourced for Thumbnails created at
Nice work, @marcelc63. Are you planning to add more apps/shortcuts? How are you going to source these longer term?
@rrhoover Thank you! This means a lot and also thank you for the retweet :) Yes definitely, more apps and shortcuts is something I am planning to add. If the interface is something that people like and will use, I'm planning to open up the directory for everybody to contribute into via an easy to use editor. I decided not to add too much feature right now and stick to the core value of the app in order to not get distracted and able to ship the product.
As the person who built the first keyboard shortcuts into Product Hunt, I'm a big fan of this. Nice work Marcel! Congrats on shipping
@zackshapiro Thank you! I'll keep on shipping, now off to building my second product :)
Congratulations on your launch!!!