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Worked in the same coworking space as @devenkoshal and @andrunder for a few months. We were often the only ones in the office late at night and on the weekends. Super excited to see their hard work come together. I've been using the new Commerce.js beta for a couple personal projects and have been loving it. Their apis and tools are super easy to use. Very easy to customize the checkout flow while keeping it smooth, simple and well designed. I remember talking to Andrew about how Commerce.js could facilitate A/B testing, especially for the checkout flow. Can you talk about some of the A/B testing features you were able to ship in v1.0 and how the compare to some of the other competitive products?
@paul_benigeri Yeah! The ability to easily A/B test checkouts was a feature that kept coming up when speaking with developers and merchants. Commerce.js lets you create as many checkouts as you want and have true control over the purchasing experience for your checkouts. Test a multi step checkout vs one page checkout. Test a heavily branded checkout vs a more traditional plain checkout, all are simple to design, implement and launch. CJS plugs into any major analytics platform so you can determine which has the best conversion rate and track your customer purchasing journey. You can literally implement any design or flow you can think of to see what resonates with your audience!
@paul_benigeri @devenkoshal @andrunder One other interesting potential is re-engaging abandoned cart customers. For example if you notice a customer dropped off on the 3rd page of a multi step checkout you could then re-engage them with a single page checkout. Our tokenization approach lets carts & checkout "instances" live for up to 7 days and accessed anywhere - They drop of on their desktop during a multi step checkout, you can re-engage them on their phone with a one page checkout.
@andrunder Yeah sounds great. The deep integrations of cart + customer info + billing seems very powerful. Connecting everything together is usually the hardest part. Thanks for the additional info.
Commerce.js is a full-stack eCommerce API that allows developers and designers to rapidly create eCommerce experiences on web and mobile. With support for everything including cart, checkout, fulfillment, live tax rates, and fraud protection. Huge props to @devankoshal and @andrunder who've been consistently executing and grinding to get this live version out. 🎊🚀 Live Examples: Demo Examples (Make sure you checkout the console!)
Would be great to have a complete showcase of all the different live sites using it currently, with an optional description of what is Chec / Commerce.js stuff and what they did.
@balupton We will definitely be doing that when we have enough examples. We're thinking of something similar to but with checkouts/purchasing experiences you can download or view.
Thanks for the hunt Shahed! We launched our beta late Jan and we’re happy to announce our V1 release! Commerce.js V1 has been rewritten from the ground up and has moved over $1.6m. The V1 release brings in support for automatic tax rates (including EU VAT MOSS), built-in fraud protection (via SiftScience partnership), and radically refined cart & checkout support. Here’s an example of it in action (take a look at their console debugger):
What’s unique about Commerce.js’s approach to this problem is our helper endpoints designed to handle all tedious eCommerce logic you’d normally have to program yourself. Like, Is this quantity/discount code valid? Is this variant available? What's the current total? What’s the new tax amount since the customer just changed their address etc. Docs:
This is slick guys, great detail touches and looks very functional! Keep up the good work.
I love the attention-to-detail at the API layer. I've been following Devan's progress on this platform and can say with confidence that I think commerce.js will be around for a while. :-)
@vhmth Thanks man!
@devankoshal of course - keep killing it!