Making the web better with Slack-like slash commands.

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Hi everyone! The way we communicate is rapidly changing on the web. I think we've seen that evolution matched in our tools for mobile, but on desktop — where tons of us still spend time every day — it's been less speedy. I built Command after getting sick of having to go out of my way to communicate the way I wanted to in emails, Github issues, and on Reddit. At first, there were two big things that always frustrated me: sending GIFs and speaking with Emojis. On every site where I wanted to use them, I had to do a prolonged process of keypresses, clicks, drags, and uploads to make them work. To solve the problem, I started thinking about different interfaces for simplifying those processes: unsurprisingly, Slack came to mind. As I built out the interfaces for what has now become /giphy and /emoji on the web, it started to feel obvious that there was room for even more expansion: next up were /spotify and /selfie, but I'm planning on building out a bunch more integrations (like /drive, /dropbox, /youtube and more). I think if you give it a try, you'll find that using Command really does make the web better — let me know what you think! Edit: Command is 100% free and open source and I'm looking for more contributors! Come help make the web more extensible :)
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@ericajoy Product Hunt is close to the last place I expected to see a Panty & Stocking gif...behind Obama's Twitter page.
@jessepollak Great work! Would love to contribute if I can. Neeeed emoji for Twitter and Facebook.
@jessepollak First @getclef and now this! You are awesome and deserve all the monies!
This is like the web version of Slash Keyboard (cc @alexiskold). Now I can add selfies to my emails easier:
@rrhoover @alexiskold funnily enough, when I first started working on Command, I actually called it Slash (without any knowledge of Slash). After showing it to a few friends, someone was like -- have you seen the company with the same name doing the same thing on mobile? Out of respect for them, I changed the name (though kept a slash logo!).
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@jessepollak @rrhoover @alexiskold Hey man, this is awesome :) Founder @ Slash here. Just DM'ed you from Twitter. Let's chat, love to collaborate.
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@cemkozinoglu @jessepollak @rrhoover @alexiskold This is why product hunt is great!
@cemkozinoglu @jessepollak @rrhoover @alexiskold I was thinking of Slash keyboard when i saw this product..... good you are already connected here :)
Command has been uber fun to use and brought my Gif game to a new level.
Well done... this is awesome. (Using the product for the first time in this comment)
@chris_hoog ...the perfect combination of fun and useful 😉
Hey @jessepollak, how does Command deal with the conflict that might occur if you have the Mixmax extension installed, since it also offers slash commands? But, this is great! And super cool that you can add your own slash commands!
@chrismessina I hadn't even thought of this! I think the best way to fix this is to allow the user to customize what triggers Command (good thing I didn't name it Slash :). I'm hopeful that some people will take advantage of the extensibility on Github — I've been trying to document it really well, so it's easy for new people to onboard!