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Hey Product Hunt!! Thanks to @nivo0o0 for hunting us :) **EDIT** WE have renamed to Comma https://commaful.com (formerly known as Pencil/UsePencil) Really excited to share our beta of Comma. @rchktk and I want to build a story-telling platform for the next generation. We believe the fun, visual form factor makes posts easy to make and easy to consume. That's where Comma comes in. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the Comma product!! Here are some stories I’d recommend checking some of these out to get started (just CLICK ON THE GIF to view): An Interview with Polymail Founder, @foolywk! “200+ Podcasts, 100+ Articles, 20+ Books…. In 11 Bullet Points” by @dakotashane_nun An Interview with Foursquare Founder, @dens The 3 Year Job Search and How I Got Into Tech by @nivo0o0 Chat with Co-Founder of LinkedIn, Allen Blue Look forward to hearing from the PH community! Sydney
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@sydney_liu_sl @rchktk you've created some of the coolest media to show your product, using your product. 💯
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@nivo0o0 @rchktk Thanks Niv!! <3 <3
@sydney_liu_sl go to sleeeeep
Pencil is Medium for Snapchat generation :-)
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@yurylifshits Great way to describe it :D
I have a testimonial for this app: I had an idea for a silly article about octopi that I wanted to write and thought it would be perfect for Buzzfeed---at first! When I got to their posting area, it was a shit-show. I remembered Sydney's new platform, Pencil, and how easy it was to use, and posted there instead--in 10 minutes, a 1/3 of the time I'd just wasted trying to get Buzzfeed to work. You can see the final result here: https://usepencil.com/play/kiki/... So yeah, I love Pencil, good luck Sydney!
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@kikischirr You're amazing Kiki <3 <3 that was a hilarious post btw
@kikischirr indeed nice post :)
Oh hi! I really dig the interview format. Looking forward to seeing more in the future. Nice work Sydney!
@dens Thanks a bunch Dennis!! Your interview was killer!!!
The content is high quality, addicting and beautiful - such a powerful platform. Always looking forward to new posts there, amazing work @sydney_liu_sl @rchktk! Where do you guys see Pencil a couple years from now?
@tim061693 @rchktk Thanks a bunch Tim!!! The goal is to make this THE millennial blogging platform. We want people to making cool stuff on it, sharing thoughts, and telling their story!