Comindware Tracker

Automate workflows. Reduce dependency on IT people.

Low-code workflow management software, based in the Cloud. It empowers non-technical users to design, run and modify workflows in the course of work with drag-and-drop simplicity. Comindware Tracker changes orientation towards business users versus IT dependency.

The Comindware platform was designed to enable business users to build cloud-based, data-driven applications, on their own, minimizing or eliminating any dependency on IT staff.
Comindware Tracker’s innovative design is due to Connect Step® Technology, a powerful engine that works to generate tasks automatically “in the right order, at the right time, by the right person.” This idea is the Holy Grail of any development team. The 'wise' engine coupled with drag-and-drop functionality enables teams to seamlessly connect people, data and daily processes with a cloud-based platform, thus streamline routine business operations. Comindware provides a complete set of capabilities like: - Approval and Change Management - Customer Request Management - Issue Tracking. Comindware Tracker allows for robust workflow process modeling coupled with flexible web forms and reports, on-the-fly process updates and real-time visibility. Most important Features of the Comindware Platform - Alerts / Notifications - Approval Process Control - Compliance Management - Configurable Workflow - Customizable Dashboard - Document Management - Event Monitoring - Forms Management - Graphical Workflow Editor - Help Desk Management So if you were using Jira or Asana it's time to drop these messy platforms and start using Comindware.
What are the primary reasons for switching from Workflow/ or one of the cloud MSFT solutions in the Biz/ERP space?
@tomkelshaw As for primary reasons for switching to Comindware Tracker from Workflow/ First of all Comindware Tracker is unique to allow changing workflow on the fly during your process execution. Besides, the majority of our work is performed within Outlook and Office, whether at desktop, laptop or mobile device. Comindware Tracker transforms your Outlook into a workflow system and maximizes the adoption rate my allowing users to participate without having to leave their current environment. Comindware’s built-in social collaboration tool is also a reason to switch from one of the cloud solutions in the Biz space. With Comindware Tracker you can create online rooms to discuss any matters often across projects and departments: product launch, local office matters etc. Rooms can be public or private, you can also invite external system users like clients to join a room. Awards can be given to most prominent team members, e.g. “best developer”, “best salesperson”, “best support specialist” etc. After award is given, it shows up in the personal profile. Check this page for more information -