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ComicBot lets you subscribe to your favourite web comics in one place and get the latest xkcd, The Oatmeal or Sarah's Scribbles issue delivered right within your Facebook Messenger inbox. Great example for a service that makes way more sense on messaging platforms instead of as their own mobile app.
Hi, and thanks for hunting! I love webcomics and checking for new issues has been part of my daily routines for many years. I created ComicBot to make it easy to stay up to date with your favorite webcomics and get them delivered to you, wherever you are - without the need of setting up an RSS reader. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them all :)
Have been a subscriber since the 0.1 version and love it. This is one of the very first use cases for bots, that improve my life.
ty @phips28 it should work by now :)
Seeing that you've disabled text input - what made you decide to do it, and do you think it has paid off?
@msch Thanks for the question :) After some iterations of the conversation design, I came to the conclusion that ComicBot is not about having a conversation. It's a really simple service, and being able to talk to that service does not provide any value. On the contrary, giving users the possibility to send text messages, requires them to know what to write. Taking away that possibility allows the user to focus on what is possible, instead of wondering what might be possible - and being frustrated when the bot doesn't understand the message. So while it's still early, for ComicBot, disabling the text input lead to fewer users trying out a multitude of messages exploring what they can actually do, and to more users that go directly to browsing and subscribing to comics, i.e. using ComicBot the way it's meant to be used. In that sense, I think it has paid off :)
Love the telegram bot!! But I would be interested to know what the comic artists get in return? Do you have a commercial intention?
@frauklau Thanks for your interest - supporting the artists is a top priority for me! I include a link to the artist's website with every comic sent to promote their work. I think ComicBot is a great way to get new readers and make it easier to follow your comic. I'd love to work together more closely with the artists though, for instance to allow them to promote their merchandise to interested readers. That being said, there is no commercial intention. ComicBot is made by a comic fan, for comic fans and the main intention is to spread the work of artists and bring some joy straight into your messenger inbox :)