Comic Hoard

The webcomic library (Garfield, Penny Arcade, XKCD, & more)

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The problem with this, is while well intentioned, unless they got permission, they are stealing content. For webcomics, that make most of their money off ads and selling merch, this does little to help the creator.
@micah I had the same concern (should have added that in the comment), although I hope this is ROI positive, driving more traffic back to webcomics' site and creating new fans.
I'm not a big comic guy but have fond memories paging through Calvin and Hobbes books as a child. Comic Hoard provides a nice curated list of various comics -- a great way for the comic novice like myself, to peruse and discover new comics. The "auto-play" scrolling is clever and becomes more of a lean back experience. cc @micah
Glad to see comics are still a thing..
I know there are some companies like Universal Uclick that do bulk licensing with a # of comics, so there is a chance this website is doing it all above board. I would expect some sort of money making to be going on to get a licensing deal though, and I'm not seeing any...
@KristoferTM Uclick owns all the licensing to those comics.