Automatically track machine learning code and experiments

#2 Product of the DayApril 06, 2018
Featured Embed allows machine learning teams to automatically track their machine learning code, experiments, hyperparameters and results. It works from every computer, whether it’s your laptop or a your favorite cloud provider.

  • Roy Hermann Ueland
    Roy Hermann UelandCEO @ Cryptonomy

    - Slick Interface

    - Super useful features

    - Easy to integrate


    • Wish this was out sooner!

    Love this product! The team has done a really good job on helping encapsulate a lot of the problems that ML engineers have. Already done very well - looks very promising for the future of machine learning. Congrats!

    Roy Hermann Ueland has used this product for one week.
  • Alon E
    Alon EFull Stack Developer @

    One liner integration with all popular python ML libraries.

    Must have in every data team


    No support for R language

    We've been using the product for the last couple months on beta and it completely changed the way we approach and develop anything related to data. team is super responsive and helped us with any support inquiry

    Alon E has used this product for one month.
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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey Makers! Can you tell us more about some of the highlights of what you've built here?
Gideon Mendels
Gideon MendelsMaker@gideonme · Founder @
@jacqvon Hey Jacqueline, We built after working at Machine Learning teams at both big tech companies (Google/, startups and academia. We realized that managing machine learning workflow is really painful as there are no dedicated tools to do this. Comet works by connecting to your current workflow and then version, monitor and optimize your machine learning models. It works whether you're a student doing homework or a company with a huge cluster. Happy to answer any questions!
Ðietrich 🇪🇺🥨
Ðietrich 🇪🇺🥨@trtm · data-driven
How is this different to the already established (and open source) OpenML ( ) ?
Yuecheng Zhu
Yuecheng Zhu@yuecheng
@trtm From looking at Github, it looks like the only relationship is the letters "ML".
Gideon Mendels
Gideon MendelsMaker@gideonme · Founder @
@trtm Overall OpenML seems to run your models for you. We allow you to train your models anywhere you want (keeping your sensitive data private).
Mark Russell Filaroski
Mark Russell Filaroski@mark_filaroski · Growth hacking my way through life!
Can I get a demo? if Yes. Early Healthcare customer potential for you all. Thank you.
Gideon Mendels
Gideon MendelsMaker@gideonme · Founder @
@compliancept @mark_filaroski Sure Mark! I'll send you an email.