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The best new music you probably haven't heard yet.

#4 Product of the DayAugust 19, 2016
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Combo FM The best new music you haven't heard yet. Combo is a set of curated music stations, updated every day with the best new tracks and why you should listen to them.
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Thanks for posting, Ruban - heart skipped a beat when I opened PH this morning to see a familiar logo on the homepage...! Quick introduction - I'm Sam, one half of (the tech & development side of things), and @Jamie_Shoard is the other half (design & UX). We started building out of a personal gripe of our own, after finding that the best kinds of music recommendations are the ones you get from a trusted source; like a friend, family member etc. With that in mind, we decided to build a platform to help great curators to share their unique taste in music, whilst also encouraging them to tell people exactly why they enjoy it, injecting a little more personality in there! We're currently looking for ways on how we can improve the discovery experience. We've had some great feedback so far from our early batch of users, and we'll be making some bigger changes in the coming months, which we're really excited about too.
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Incredible product! So great to see this coming out of London from such a stellar team. I've been using this for a few weeks now and been really impressed with the experience of "discovery" that is offers. I've found so many new jams while I work 🔊
@npearsonwright Thanks Nicholas; really appreciate the kind words. Got a fave curator yet? 😉
@sam_piggott You know me...The Recipe has me groovin'
Amazing product guys, the design and interactions in the app are really cool! I'll be using this on the walk to work. Definitely a lot of potential here, and really looking forward to seeing more playlists/genres added in. Thumbs up
@imdanielqu Thanks so much Daniel - really appreciate your kind words ✌🏻 It's actually our top priority right now to work on a way to get more curators on the app to maintain a steady flow of fresh, quality tracks; so it's great to hear you're excited about it.
Hey Guys! Nice style and tone of voice. Obvious question... crowded market out there. What makes you different?
@jdroutledge1 Hey James! Sam here, the dev. Thanks a lot - really appreciate it. We're taking the tone of voice to new places in the next version, so that's great to hear! Great question. Jamie (the designer) and I began building out of a personal frustration that on-demand algorithmic recommendation tools and services out there didn't really do it for us. We believe that a personal touch — even just a few exciting lines of context ; something like, “these guys started out of a Brooklyn basement”, —  can be the difference between skipping a song after five seconds or really giving something a go. That’s really what we set out to create; a platform that feels like having your mate with outrageously good music taste right there in your pocket.
@sam_piggott @jdroutledge1 As a copywriter, I always appreciate those subtleties in voice/tone, especially when it needs to be short and sweet on mobile. Language makes such a big difference, as you said—and so many companies rush through their product copy, when it's often the first impression users have with a product.
@krisryanwhite Great to hear, Kris - we totally agree, the tone of voice and the way it's presented can make all the difference!