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@bramk Thank you for hunting Combin, Bram! So, what is the idea behind Combin? We believe farming temporary likes and follow-backs by bot accounts is pointless, only safe and organic Instagram audience growth provides real results that stay for good. We decided to create a tool that automates the manual work Instagram marketers have to do daily for safe and organic followers boost. Now Instagram brands can effortlessly gain following with Combin’s simple principle - Search > Engage > Grow! Search: Combin has a powerful search engine for Instagram content, you can perform the search by hashtags + locations to find only relevant to your business users and posts. Different sortings and filters are available. Engage: Leave likes, comments or follow users from the tool. The preview helps to avoid awkward comments. Decide yourself which posts and accounts will be engaged with. Grow: this is a natural and simple result of Combin using, you drive right attention to your IG profile and business and gain more and more attention. We hope you will enjoy using it! If you have any questions about Combin, please reply to this message or contact us via
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@alexandramalis @bramk @combin Was looking for one such tool to help grow my Instagram follower base! Looks helpful. Will let you know my feedback! Thanks.
@sagar868 Feel free to test it! Very curious for your feedback.
@alexandramalis Installed the app and did few searches. Results are, 1. Hashtag: mobilephotography Place: Karnataka Posted: Last day Search Limit: 50 Result: Found 2 (After a search time of about 2mins or so) 2. Hashtag: colorplay Place: Anywhere Posted: Last day Search Limit: 50 Result: Found 50 (After a search time of about 2mins or so) 3. Hashtag: smartphonephotography Place: Anywhere Posted: Last day Search Limit: 50 Result: Found 50 (After a search time of about 2mins or so) 4. Hashtag: smartphonephotography Place: New York Posted: Last day Search Limit: 50 Result: Found 0 (Forever) 5. Hashtag: smartphonephotography Place: New York Posted: Last Week Search Limit: 50 Result: Found 0 (Forever) Have to admit in the above two cases when it worked beautifully then it produced Awesome results too! Got what exactly I wanted to target and no bullshit. But I wonder why it didn't work in case of New York and Karnataka. May be there is some issue with the search based on location? I thought it would be very useful if you have a video to help the users in carrying out basic operations initially! Having said all this I will definitely advocate this tool for all the business or photography related Instagramming for sure! Hope to see the enhanced/fixed and new features like statistics, post-performance analysis etc in the near future! Cheers for giving a great tool! Thanks.
@sagar868 Sagar, thank you for your feedback, I've repeated the test and I've found only 19 photos wit hashtags #mobilephotography in Karnataka and 0 photos for a hashtag #smartphonephtography in New York for the lifetime period. In this version, Combin search engine is searching for the photos in the location that person has mentioned in the post, so it doesn't mean that it covers the geographic area. In the next version we would introduce the map, so the search engine will search in the defined radius covering all location items like commercial objects or sights. In your case, I would recommend to search just in popular locations or use more popular hashtags, I found this beautiful one # explorekarnataka. Small tip: If you run out of popular hashtags related to your content and have no idea what to search for next, try looking up the hottest posts from old searches and checking out what tags they include, click on the post item, select "Add a search" and see all hashtags that you can search within.
@alexandramalis Thank for that tip, will try that for sure. Like wise if you can put a video with such tips then it will be of vital help to new users. Please think over this! When do you plan to give that update for the next version? And any plans for a mobile app?
The team gave me the opportunity to test it - it does the job very well
@steveraffner Thank you for kind words, Steve!
It would be nice if a confirmation screen or something pops up when you enter your email. I clicked it a pretty good amount of times and now my inbox is full of Combin emails 😂. Cool product though, I can't wait to try it out.
@jeremiahsingh Ahh sorry for that, we will definitely improve our emails submission form. btw, can't wait for your feedback!
What awesome product design! At first I thought "ugh another IG automation tool", and "what, a native mac app??" But it's actually thoughtfully designed, and gives a very strong first impression, especially if you've used other ones in the past. Bravo! I'm really impressed. Going to be poking this over the next week or two.
@gnownad Thank you for your kind words, Dan, we hope you will enjoy using it!
Why does the app ask for my Instagram password rather than sending me to the instagram OAuth page? Makes it seem like you guys are 1) Not approved to use the instagram API, or 2) Don't use their API at all =
@ashpangeek The application doesn't store your login or password, it calls for the access token from Instagram, so you can log in with your credentials, would it be more convenient to you to login on the OAuth webpage?
@alexandramalis @ashpangeek Yeah, I won't touch this unless you use their Auth.
@alexandramalis Yes. Please use the Instagram OAuth. @ashpangeek
@alexandramalis That doesn't exactly make sense to me. I can log in with my credentials from the Instagram oauth page. But yes, please do it the official way.
@dshan This. I got excited about the product and all, but the moment I saw a plain text login form within the app, I stopped right there and then. @alexandramalis Please add OAuth and I'm sold 🙏 Might be convenient if you announce it via newsletter once implemented.