Columns Beta

Checklists arranged into columns for planning & organization

#5 Product of the DayDecember 13, 2019
Columns is a simple app that allows you to arrange lists into columns. Lists-board is a tool for organizing your thoughts, notes, tasks, roadmaps, watchlists, team management, planning, etc.
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I'm Anton founder of Columns. We were accidentally hunted today. Columns are in early-early beta. Core product is ready but mobile, notifications and other important features is not. We are working hard on the 1.0. Stay tuned, and thanks a lot for your feedback.
@antonzoi Looking forward!
Looks clean. Curious what use cases you're seeing, @antonzoi?
@antonzoi @rrhoover Great product, I'm using this for a while. Much more convenient than trello.
@rrhoover We want to build something bigger than a task management tool. I like to think about it in this way: ball is a toy, basketball is a game. Game has strict rules but toy don’t have any rules. You can make your own games with the toy — football, tennis, volley ball etc. Twitter is a good example—it’s a toy and games around it was invented by users—hashtags, repost, tweetstorm etc. We’re building a toy not a game with "GTD" or "Scrum" or other rules. Columns is universal tool like a spreadsheet — you can use spreadsheets for analyze numbers but you can make a task management in it. So we’re making a new universal tool for lists (Example: we will launch a public boards on the beginning of the next year. Each card in Columns is a chat. So you can make a forum in which columns will be a sections and cards will be a topics with live chat in it).
@antonzoi That's a great articulation on this idea, I feel the same when using Notion
Tell is about the tech stack!
Can't wait to see the dark mode :)
Saw this app on Twitter and thought it was very interesting. Clean design and very lightweight. Not a lot of features, which is great for someone who is just looking for a simple solution for organizing, to-do list. @antonzoi - Why did you make this app? What need were you trying to solve?
@jadlimcaco Hi Jad! Looks like your mention is linked to wrong username, can you give a link to this twitter to get some context?
@brainsolid Thanks. Just fixed it.