Turn your photos into coloring pages

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This is AMAZING. I LOVE coloring and making my own coloring pages is the perfect next step and would be an awesome Christmas present for like minded friends. :)
@katesegrin it's been a lot of fun building it! Was there anything that didn't work quite as you expected? I'm shortly adding some tools so users have more control over how the outlines look 😄
It's very cool being featured on Product Hunt!! The idea originally came from my brother and building it really took me out of my comfort zone, there was a lot to learn 😄 I'd love to hear what you think of it - I've already got some performance and UX tweaks in the pipeline and a lot of ideas I want to try out with it.
@pigeonsarescary Not sure where to start, but I'll begin with awesome! I can really see this coming in fast in the K12 space. I imagine my students (we're  iPad 1:1) snapping photos, Colorscape'n them for illustrating their writing. Wow! So many ideas beyond fun! Consider me a Colorscape Ambassador... I will definitely share with my K12 followers via SM. Look for @edtechmatthew on Twitter! Great job AK.
@edtechmatthew @pigeonsarescary Hi Matthew, thank you for your feedback :) I'd love to hear how your students get on with it.
Looks like this could be a lot of fun, unfortunately I'm on Android.. Any plans to bring it to other platforms?
@thick5 Yep, I'm looking at that at the moment :) I've not done much Android development so I'm not 100% sure how long it will take - I'll keep you posted!
@pigeonsarescary sounds good, looking forward to it!
I enjoy the program greatly. I don’t like the fact that the ads don’t go away like most apps. Lending Tree never goes away. I have to kill the app and start over. It’s irritating! You also seem to have two rating 5 or 1. This is the only app I’ve tried with this problem.