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Collect by WeTransfer is the best way to organize your ideas. Save content from across your apps and bring it together for your friends, your team, or just for yourself.

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Samuel Beek
Product Manager at WeTransfer.
Hi everyone, Thanks for hunting @divjpatel. I'm the PM of the product. We're very excited the name change to "Collect" and introducing our collaboration feature (We wrote a little post about it here on medium Collect allows you to save the things that you create and inspire you on your phone. In research we found that a lof people create beautiful things with their phones, but they struggle with just holding onto content. They had tons of screenshots, weird notes filled with links, and they even texted themselves as a way to save interesting stuff. All their things were scattered around places, making hard to save and share. That's why we created a space where you can add content (links, articles, photos, you name it) from all your apps and collaborate on it. I would love to hear your feedback and questions about the app 😺.
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Simon LindCPO @ Eduflow
I wish this was available through the browser. It looks like a solid product that would solve by problem of having a place to store inspiration, but I'm not going to use it when it's only available on my smartphone.
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Good idea
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I love this app❤️ It helps me organize all my ideas for my upcoming fashion brand in categories/boards. But a website would be pretty nice😊
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Jordi BruinHeadline goes here
Congrats on the launch @twannl & @sagalundqvist , all the updates to the WeTransfer app over the past year have made it super polished! Here's a blogpost talking about the reasoning behind the new "Collect" branding: