Create, share and collaborate on lists

CollabPads lets users create, share, and collaborate on lists. Through the use of 'Pads', users control who can access a list and how they can make modications. Users can also create 'Quick Pads' without needing an account, which expire after a few days.

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I like the idea! What are some ideal use cases for this?
@aaronoleary Lets say your team at work wanted to go get lunch, and one person was going to run out and get it. That person could make a Pad, send the link to all of his colleagues, and they could add what they want to that Pad. This would could be a more efficient alternative to having everyone text that one person what they want, a bunch of physical lists they need to shuffle through, or having to call/text them while they are at work. You could also use it to make grocery lists at home, having whoever is making the Pad adding what they need, then sending out a link to the rest of the family to add what they might want. Basically, anytime you need a temporary list that will be used once, you can use Quick Pads. If you need something that needs to be saved and can be added onto later, an account with CollabPads will let you do that.